Iowa International Center

Contact Person: Ashlee Stoddard

Contact Email: (can also contact through Facebook)

Address: 319 7th Street, Suite 200, Des Moines, IA 50309

Phone: 515-282-8269

Fax: 515-282-0454


Student Opportunities: Internships with wide range of learning opportunities. Occasional volunteering with international visitors or cultural awareness events.

Best Time To Be Reached: 8:30am-5pm

Time Commitment For Opportunities: Interns generally work 12-15 hours per week for the Fall or Spring semester or during the summer. Exact hours depend on student availability and schedule.

Training Needed: None. They will provide any training as it becomes needed

Regions Served: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Europe

Do You Serve Specific Ethnic Groups or Languages? No, the focus is worldwide and international

Additional Notes: Interning at this organization provides knowledge about a wide range of tasks, programs, and issues. Call and ask for details as the staff is friendly and happy to help.


AIDS Project of Central Iowa

AIDS Project of Central Iowa
River Hills Business Park, 711 E 2nd Street Des Moines IA 50309
Contact: Jim Baldridge

Phone: (515) 284-0245
Best Time to Call: 8:00am-4:35pm, M-F

The AIDS Project of Central Iowa offers services to individuals in Central Iowa living with HIV/AIDS as well as educational services to the larger community.  They offer personalized, direct care for affected and at risk individuals including free testing and safer sex/injection supplies.

Their interns are usually students interested in careers in Social Work or Public Health Administration.  However, much of their work focuses on education and the tracking of HIV/AIDS medicine.  Therefore, they also offer 1-2 Pharmacy Internships per semester.

The AIDS Project of Central Iowa serves the entire Central Iowa population but their clients include a high number of foreign born individuals and refugees, primarily from Northern and Western Africa and Latin America. They are always seeking translators for African languages.

Iowa Bureau of Refugee Services

1200 University Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50314
Contact: Amber
Phone number: 515-283-9129

This organization is a resource for refugees in Des Moines. It mainly serves people from Liberia, Sudan, Egypt, Nepal, Indians and refugees from the Ivory Coast.

The organization could use volunteers to act as translators, which would require a minimal time commitment. To help with translation and English as a second language programs, contact the office for specific details.

While this organization is not an international organization, as a resource for refugees, it has further reaching ties and implications for the Des Moines community and Drake students looking for volunteer opportunities.

Hola Center Legal Advice Clinic

Contact: Carole Burdett

Phone number: 515-243-3904


On the second Monday of every month there is a legal clinic for Spanish speaking individuals held by the Polk County volunteer lawyers project.

Students can volunteer their abilities to interpret Spanish at the legal clinic. This relates to international opportunities because many of the individuals aided by this organization are immigrants from Latin America in need of legal advice.

Overall this organization focuses on Hispanic outreach.