Wellspring Africa

Organization: Wellspring Africa

Address: 1621 Gryn Drive, Iowa City, IA 52246

Contact E-Mail: missenc@wellspringafrica.org

Website: http://www.wellspringafrica.org/

Organization President: Cliff Missen

Student Opportunities: Wellspring Africa is a non-profit organization committed to researching and promoting appropriate technology for water development in rural Africa. Only opportunity for student volunteering is when Wellspring  Africa is preparing to send out materials to African countries on how to properly drill the well, as well as the materials needed. Must check periodically to see when Wellspring is preparing to do so.

Best Time To Be Reached: Anytime via e-mail. No phone number listed.

Regions Served: Wellspring Africa has served nearly every African country. .

Additional Notes/What Does This Organization Do? Wellspring Africa’s goal is to promote simple technologies so that the villagers themselves can become self-sufficient in creating their own water sources. Wellspring Africa believes that the only way the African people are going to see broad-based and sustainable potable water development in the rural areas of lesser developed countries is through small scale technologies like the ones being provided, wherein the villagers themselves decide when and where and how the well is to be made, as well as have the means to carry out their wishes themselves.

Submitted By: Gregory Whitaker



Organization: Rise-Africa

Address: 2520 GLASGOW RD, Fairfield, IA

Contact E-Mail: lehrermarie@yahoo.com

Website: http://riseafrica.weebly.com/contact-us.html

Organization President: Marie Lehrer

Student Opportunities: Rise-Africa is an African development organization that has many grassroots programs in Africa, specifically Tanzania. Rise-Africa is constantly in search of volunteers to help at the office and with fundraising.

Other online points of contact: Facebook

Best Time To Be Reached: Anytime, because the only form of contact information provided is an e-mail address.

Time Commitment For Opportunities: As much or as little as the student desires.

Training Needed: No specific training is required for volunteers. A strong interest in international development is helpful

Regions Served:Rise-Africa has many projects throughout Tanzania, such as sustainable agriculture , infrastructure development by building schools and orphanages, introduction of machine-based grain milling, consciousness-based education, public health programs and micro-loan programs, for families to buy sheep.

Additional Notes/What Does This Organization Do? Rise-Africa.org is a registered 501 C3 non-profit organization with the purpose of improving lives through education, sustainable agriculture and micro-loans. Rise Africa is currently working in the Arusha region of Tanzania. It was founded in 2007 by Marie Lehrer.

Submitted By: Gregory Whitaker

Outreach Africa

Organization: Outreach Africa, Inc.

Address: 301 Center St Union, IA 50258

Contact Phone Number: 641-486-2550      

Contact Fax Number: 641-486-2570                                                                                                           

Contact E-Mail: http://www.outreachafrica.org/index.php

Website: http://www.outreachafrica.org/index.php

Organization President: Floyd Hammer

Student Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities available located at the office. No specific volunteer schedule. Volunteers are welcomed by Outreach Africa in assisting with everyday operations. Due to the fact that Outreach Africa works in Tanzania, volunteer opportunities are limited to tasks in the office, such as fundraising and trying to recieve donations, as well as helping with events that Outreach Africa runs in Iowa. Outreach Africa is like many other NGO not-for-profit organizations and is understaffed for the amount of work done, volunteers appreciated.

Other online points of contact: YouTube, provides videos of some Outreach Africa mission work.

Best Time To Be Reached: During regular business hours. The office manager, Polly Hupfeld, can be reached by phone most Monday-Friday workdays between 9-3. Contact can also be made through e-mail to Isaac Good, Outreach Africa’s Webmaster. However, allow several business days for a response via e-mail.

Time Commitment For Opportunities: While there are volunteer opportunities available in the Union, IA, office. There are no scheduled times for volunteers Volunteers are welcomed when needed, particularly in the warehouse. Polly Hupfeld, the office manager suggested that someone interested in volunteering ought to check weekly for opportunity.

Training Needed: No, most volunteer duties are concerned with office and warehouse tasks.

Opportunity Descriptions: Volunteer’s are primarily used for assisting with the overloaded office and help in the warehouse with materials that are being packaged to be sent to Tanzania. Outreach Africa primarily looks for organization assistance, rather than individual volunteers, as Outreach Africa tries to pool resources often limited by the nature of a not-for-profit international development organization.

Regions Served: Africa- Outreach Africa’s mission is located in the Iramba Plateau area of the Singida Region, a remote area of central Tanzania.

Suggestions for other International Development Opportunities: Due to the fact that the mission is located in Tanzania, hands-on development opportunity is limited. Outreach Africa suggests involvement with organizations they collaborate with.

Do You Serve Specific Ethnic Groups or Languages? Outreach Africa’s mission located in rural Tanzania aims to serve the Tanzanian ethnic groups located in the region.

Additional Notes/What Does This Organization Do? Outreach is an intermediary organization between the people of Singida Region of Tanzania, East Africa, and concerned Americans. Outreach is a non-profit corporation created to provide financial assistance to existing Primary, Secondary, and Technical Schools in the area. Contributions generated from Outreach activities are returned to the Singida Region to improve the existing education programs and to create additional entrepreneurial opportunities.

Submitted By: Gregory Whitaker

Hope 4 Africa, Inc.

Organization: Hope 4 Africa, Inc.

Contact Info:Hope 4 Africa, Inc.
P.O Box 9003
Ames, IA 50014

Address: 525 KELLOGG AVE
AMES, IA 50010                                                                                                                            

Contact E-Mail: info@hope4africa.info

Phone Number: Not provided must contact via e-mail

Website: http://hope4africa.info

Organization President: Jeffery Johnson

Student Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities No set schedule

Other online points of contact: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Best Time To Be Reached: Contact must be made through e-mail. No phone number listed online for this organization. Expect at least 5 business days for a reply e-mail. This organization is severely understaffed in the Ames office.

Time Commitment For Opportunities: While there are volunteer opportunities available in Ames, IA, there are no concrete/scheduled times. Volunteers are welcomed when needed. The contact suggested that someone interested in volunteering ought to check weekly for opportunity. Volunteer opportunity priority is given to Iowa State Students, so make sure to check often if interested.

Training Needed: No

Opportunity Descriptions: Because Hope 4 Africa Inc. is an international organization based in Ames, IA, that works in Kenya. Because hands on development is overseas, the majority of volunteer work is fundraising, both via telephone and community events, as well as communicating with sister organizations concerning development strategy.

Regions Served: Africa, specifically Kenya

Suggestions for other International Development Opportunities: No other suggestions for development opportunities were provided, due to the small number of organizations in Iowa that carry out development initiatives first hand. I suggest smaller community based organizations that fundraise and advocate for international development.

Do You Serve Specific Ethnic Groups or Languages? Hope 4 Africa Inc. works in poor, rural areas in Kenya where children are not receiving adequate educations. Hope 4 Africa Inc. serves and appeal to the ethnic groups and languages of the Kenyan people.

Additional Notes/What Does This Organization Do? Hope 4 Africa Inc. is essentially an international grass-roots, community based development initiative. Hope 4 Africa believes that a brighter future for the people of a nation and the possibility of a thriving nation begin with a solid education. This organization focuses on providing , particularly concerned with providing children in poor areas with a quality education. Hope 4 Africa Inc. works to provide as many children as they possibly can with a quality education across the nation.Because Hope 4 Africa Inc. works in poor rural areas, the mission is to provide plausible and sustainable education programs that will bring about change over time.

Submitted By: Gregory Whitaker

Diversity Focus

Organization: Diversity Focus

Address: 222 2nd Street SE Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Website: http://www.diversityfocus.org

Contact info~

Contact name : Anthony Brown

Contact number : 319-363-3707 extension 204

Best time to be reached : 9-4

Contact email : anthony.brown@diversityfocus.org

Online networks such as Facebook or Twitter: Yes, Facebook- Twitter- LinkedIn

Opportunities with Diversity Focus: Volunteering and internships

Opportunity description: There are lots of organizing opportunities; Internships are usually customized to the intern

Time commitment for opportunities: Depends on the event and the times you can work with

Training needed: No

If yes for training, what kind and how much:

Regions served: Latin America, Africa, Asia and Iowa

Does Diversity Focus specifically serve any certain ethnic groups or languages:  No

Suggestions for other international programs: N/A

Other notes: Interested in stimulation grass root efforts for local economies