Organization: Rise-Africa

Address: 2520 GLASGOW RD, Fairfield, IA

Contact E-Mail: lehrermarie@yahoo.com

Website: http://riseafrica.weebly.com/contact-us.html

Organization President: Marie Lehrer

Student Opportunities: Rise-Africa is an African development organization that has many grassroots programs in Africa, specifically Tanzania. Rise-Africa is constantly in search of volunteers to help at the office and with fundraising.

Other online points of contact: Facebook

Best Time To Be Reached: Anytime, because the only form of contact information provided is an e-mail address.

Time Commitment For Opportunities: As much or as little as the student desires.

Training Needed: No specific training is required for volunteers. A strong interest in international development is helpful

Regions Served:Rise-Africa has many projects throughout Tanzania, such as sustainable agriculture , infrastructure development by building schools and orphanages, introduction of machine-based grain milling, consciousness-based education, public health programs and micro-loan programs, for families to buy sheep.

Additional Notes/What Does This Organization Do? Rise-Africa.org is a registered 501 C3 non-profit organization with the purpose of improving lives through education, sustainable agriculture and micro-loans. Rise Africa is currently working in the Arusha region of Tanzania. It was founded in 2007 by Marie Lehrer.

Submitted By: Gregory Whitaker


Willkie House Inc

Organization: Willkie House Inc.

Contact Info: Meagan Tallman (Program Coordinator)

Address: 900 17th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50314

Contact E-Mail: mmtallman@willkiehouse.org

Website: http://www.willkiehouse.org

Phone Number: 515-243-7817

Student Opportunities: Health Internship, Volunteer Opportunities

Best Time To Be Reached: 11am-2pm

Time Commitment For Opportunities: 3pm – 6pm (Mon-Fri) during the school year
9am – 12 noon (Mon-Fri) during the summer.

Willkie House Inc. is willing to work with student schedules although it would be valuable to have student’s volunteer during the academic portions of the program

Training Needed: No

Opportunity Descriptions: Volunteer opportunities are aimed at promoting development and enrichment opportunities to children and their families through: Chaperoning participant activities; directing individual study sessions; critical review and analysis of program materials; fundraising and mentoring

Regions Served: Africa (mainly), Latin America

Do You Serve Specific Ethnic Groups or Languages? Open to all and not tailored to children (students) of specific ethnic groups. Most children in the program at the moment tend to be of African decent although there are kids of other ethnic backgrounds as well.

Additional Notes: Willkie House Inc. is an affordable non-profit organization that focuses on academics, social skill building, health, and recreation for children. The organization also partners with big corporations and institutions like Principal Financial, Mercy College, Simpson College, Drake University and Grand View University.

The best way to get in touch with Willkie House Inc. is by email and phone since the website has not been updated in awhile.

The organization loves working with college students.

Lutheran Services Refugee Program

Lutheran Services Refugee Program

3200 University Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50311
Contact: Nick Wuertz
Email: nicholas.wuertz@lsiowa.org
Phone: 515-271-7443

LSI is an organization that continues to provide extended support services available to the Des Moines refugee community. Through English as a Second Language classes, intensive work readiness classes, elderly services, community gardening and capacity building initiatives with local service providers and community representatives, they have been able to integrate refugees to adjust to American society.  Majority of the refugees LSI works with are from Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Sudan, Burundi, Libya, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Bosnia and Vietnam.

LSI Refugee Program offers internships and volunteer opportunities in their ESL classes, intensive work readiness classes, and even childcare. They typically look for people willing to work 10-15 hours a week for an internship and prefer a basic knowledge in excel document. The hours are typically during the afternoons from 8am-2pm. There are also other opportunities to help volunteer with citizenship classes on Saturdays, depending on the scheduling.

Contact Nick Wuertz if interested, especially for internship opportunities.

Las Americas de Comunidad de Fe

Las Americas de Comunidad de Fe
Trinity United Methodist Church

P. O. Box 41006 (1548 8th St) Des Moines, IA 50311

Contact: Wendy Vazquez
Email: wendyvasquez1227@gmail.com
Phone: 515-771-8656
Best time to call: mornings/afternoons

Las Americas is part of a church organization aimed at helping the Spanish-speaking community. There are a lot of volunteering opportunities that Trinity United has implemented in the organization. A lot of these services include ESL classes, citizenship classes, vegetable distribution, and legal classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8pm during the school year starting in September, there are English classes for Spanish speakers. There are various different level classes that would love more English teaching assistance in the classroom. Proficiency is necessary but volunteers do not need any specific ESL background to provide service. Curriculum is provided as well. There is also a childcare program provided if volunteers are interested in working with children on Thursdays during the English classes. The citizenship classes are generally on Wednesdays from 6-8pm.

In addition, the church sets up various Latin American festivities and they often do spring break mission trips to Latin America regions. Spring of 2012 the church went to El Salvador for humanitarian work.

Contact Wendy with the information provided above if interested.