Project Objective:

Compile a detailed database of organizations in the Central Iowa region that provide opportunities to engage in international development efforts. Included in the database will be details about the organizations’ expertise on various regions of the world, specifically the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia and on some important development issues such as health, hunger/food and education. The database is intended to identify Iowa based organizations that specifically handle international development issues, not just overall international issues. This database should be useful to students and Iowa citizens who want to get involved with international development. While there are already some lists of international agencies at work in Iowa, these lists do not specifically identify either development or service projects connected with international development projects.


This site is a project of students of the Drake University Spring 2012 POLS 165 course, Government and Politics of Developing Nations. Students contacted organizations in the Central Iowa area to obtain and confirm information for the database. This information will include the possibility of internships or volunteerism, the specific regions in which the organization is active (Latin America/Middle East/Asia/Africa), the developmental issues with which an organization is most active (Hunger/Education/Health), and the practical steps necessary to become involved with the organization.

Students used the database to create an interactive Google Map, similar to the community partners map on the Drake Service Learning website. Icons will be color coded to indicate the geographic regions in which a given organization works.

This Google Map is intended to be a resource for students seeking service learning opportunities in international development. It will demonstrate the tremendous international development opportunities in Iowa and act as a centralized source of information on those opportunities.