Outreach Africa

Organization: Outreach Africa, Inc.

Address: 301 Center St Union, IA 50258

Contact Phone Number: 641-486-2550      

Contact Fax Number: 641-486-2570                                                                                                           

Contact E-Mail: http://www.outreachafrica.org/index.php

Website: http://www.outreachafrica.org/index.php

Organization President: Floyd Hammer

Student Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities available located at the office. No specific volunteer schedule. Volunteers are welcomed by Outreach Africa in assisting with everyday operations. Due to the fact that Outreach Africa works in Tanzania, volunteer opportunities are limited to tasks in the office, such as fundraising and trying to recieve donations, as well as helping with events that Outreach Africa runs in Iowa. Outreach Africa is like many other NGO not-for-profit organizations and is understaffed for the amount of work done, volunteers appreciated.

Other online points of contact: YouTube, provides videos of some Outreach Africa mission work.

Best Time To Be Reached: During regular business hours. The office manager, Polly Hupfeld, can be reached by phone most Monday-Friday workdays between 9-3. Contact can also be made through e-mail to Isaac Good, Outreach Africa’s Webmaster. However, allow several business days for a response via e-mail.

Time Commitment For Opportunities: While there are volunteer opportunities available in the Union, IA, office. There are no scheduled times for volunteers Volunteers are welcomed when needed, particularly in the warehouse. Polly Hupfeld, the office manager suggested that someone interested in volunteering ought to check weekly for opportunity.

Training Needed: No, most volunteer duties are concerned with office and warehouse tasks.

Opportunity Descriptions: Volunteer’s are primarily used for assisting with the overloaded office and help in the warehouse with materials that are being packaged to be sent to Tanzania. Outreach Africa primarily looks for organization assistance, rather than individual volunteers, as Outreach Africa tries to pool resources often limited by the nature of a not-for-profit international development organization.

Regions Served: Africa- Outreach Africa’s mission is located in the Iramba Plateau area of the Singida Region, a remote area of central Tanzania.

Suggestions for other International Development Opportunities: Due to the fact that the mission is located in Tanzania, hands-on development opportunity is limited. Outreach Africa suggests involvement with organizations they collaborate with.

Do You Serve Specific Ethnic Groups or Languages? Outreach Africa’s mission located in rural Tanzania aims to serve the Tanzanian ethnic groups located in the region.

Additional Notes/What Does This Organization Do? Outreach is an intermediary organization between the people of Singida Region of Tanzania, East Africa, and concerned Americans. Outreach is a non-profit corporation created to provide financial assistance to existing Primary, Secondary, and Technical Schools in the area. Contributions generated from Outreach activities are returned to the Singida Region to improve the existing education programs and to create additional entrepreneurial opportunities.

Submitted By: Gregory Whitaker


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