Jewish Community Relations Commission


Address: 33158 Ute Avenue Waukee IA 50263-7538 US

Contact: Mark Finkelstein

Phone: 515-987-0899


Volunteer Opportunities, Travel Abroad


Travel abroad to Israel and help on development projects through Partnership2gether.

Jewish Family Services- provide help to families in need also help support immigrant families in need

Working with senior citizens

Advocates for causes on behalf of the Jewish community alone and in coalitions

Assures the security of the Jewish community through working with law enforcement

Promotes relations with government officials, civic, religious, and ethnic leaders, the education community, the media, labor and business, and the general public

Maintains relations with national Jewish organizations and Jewish communities statewide

Networks and informs the Jewish community by means of electronic mail, the Jewish Press, and relevant programming

Supports the goals and values of the Jewish Federation

Areas of Involvement include:

Combating anti-Semitism

Holocaust Education

Pro-Israel Advocacy

Promoting the continued Separation between Religion and State

Intergroup Relations

Promoting Civil and Human Rights and Civic involvement

Training: None

Time Commitment: Some if traveling abroad with group


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