Heartland Global Health Consortium

Website: http://www.heartlandconsortium.org/

Great Information site for students looking to get involved with Global health issues and programs

Contact: multiple contacts at each Iowa colleges that are members

Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities, travel abroad

Group of Iowa colleges and universities that have come together around a common interest of international health.  Members include Central College, Des Moines University, Drake University, Iowa State University, Mercy College of Health Sciences, Simpson College, University of Iowa, and University of Northern Iowa.

The consortium was established in 2007 with the underlying assumption that global learning experiences for students and faculty benefit Iowa and our country in the areas of economics, civic engagement and improvement of health outcomes.  Members of the consortium agree that to accomplish this in the most efficient manner requires collaboration and sharing of resources.  To accomplish these goals, the consortium focuses on partnerships with other countries, collaborative research, and educational programming.



The consortium was developed to foster collaboration among Iowa Colleges and Universities who offer international health learning experiences for their students. The intent of this collaboration is to explore opportunities for sharing information and resources in order to expand educational, research and service opportunities for students and faculty.


The mission of the consortium is to establish and expand multidisciplinary educational, research, and service opportunities to inspire and equip students to become leaders in global public health.


  • Central College
  • Des Moines University
  • Drake University
  • Iowa State University
  • Mercy College of Health Sciences
  • Simpson College
  • University of Iowa
  • University of Northern Iowa

Structure of the Consortium

The Consortium has five subcommittees:

  • Education
    Explore feasibility of joint educational programs.
  • Funding and development
    Seek funding sources for the work of the consortium.
  • Service
    Locate, develop, and coordinate joint global health service opportunities for students, faculty and alumni.
  • Research
    Perform research to assess impact of global health experiences both on student learning and the health of populations served by students.
  • Annual Conferences/Workshops
    Explore and coordinate joint conferences and workshops to raise awareness of global health issues.

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