AIDS Project of Central Iowa

AIDS Project of Central Iowa
River Hills Business Park, 711 E 2nd Street Des Moines IA 50309
Contact: Jim Baldridge

Phone: (515) 284-0245
Best Time to Call: 8:00am-4:35pm, M-F

The AIDS Project of Central Iowa offers services to individuals in Central Iowa living with HIV/AIDS as well as educational services to the larger community.  They offer personalized, direct care for affected and at risk individuals including free testing and safer sex/injection supplies.

Their interns are usually students interested in careers in Social Work or Public Health Administration.  However, much of their work focuses on education and the tracking of HIV/AIDS medicine.  Therefore, they also offer 1-2 Pharmacy Internships per semester.

The AIDS Project of Central Iowa serves the entire Central Iowa population but their clients include a high number of foreign born individuals and refugees, primarily from Northern and Western Africa and Latin America. They are always seeking translators for African languages.


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