Meals for the Heartland

7780 Office Plaza Drive, Suite 136, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266-2337


Contact: See website for contact page

Email: See contact form on website

Social media: Facebook, twitter

Meals for the Heartland is an organization that packages meals and sends them to people in developing countries, areas struck by disaster and places where people cannot afford to purchase food. The food aid provided by Meals for the Heartland is mainly concentrated in poor regions of the United States, Haiti and South Africa.

There are currently no internships but as the organization expands opportunities may arise. Students looking to volunteer maybe able to join one of Meals for the Heartland outreach committees for college students. If this interests a student they should fill out a contact form online at the Meals for the Heartland website to receive more information.

If students are just interested in volunteering to package food, they can raise money to set up their own food-packaging event. Or they can participate in the main food packaging event hosted at Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines August 29-September 1, 2012 (more information can be found at the website).

Meals for the Heartland is committed to helping reduce hunger worldwide and to meeting the first of the Millennium Development Goals- “Halving the ratio of people that suffer from hunger.”


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